The paragon schools in rawalpindi
Quality of Paragon Schools

Introductory Message

“The Paragon School and College” has been conceived/established as an ideal school to achieve nobel objectives after gaining 20 years of experience of teaching by the principal in various elite schools of the country. The Paragon School and College have primary and pre-school branches with special features to attract little tiny tots within its four walls. The children love to play and learn things in a disciplined atmosphere. The montessori system has almost done wonders to uplift the children all over the globe. Our aim and objectives are clearly in conformity with this system of education. The caring and dedicated staff caters, very tenderly to the needs of Junior and Primary branches of the school.The students of senior branch are encouraged to develop their natural talent within the frame work of the established ethics and moral system. The qualified efficient teachers have accepted the challenge to raise intelligently the overall growth of our students. The need of our time is to flex our education muscle to develop sound understanding of basic sciences in our students. The basic sciences and its learning are the forerunners to the realization of technologically sustained and progessive nation.