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Kids University

Kids University is the brain child based on internationally acclaimed Montessori system. An innovative child education concept introduced ever in the world of child Montessori systems existent in Pakistan. Kids University stands out as a unique Montessori system in Pakistan offering the internationally acclaimed teaching facility enriched with the essence of latest teaching methods and practises comprising over broad spectrum of field of child education. Kids University is proud to be called as a Montessori institute with facilitating environment for kids learning and balanced growth. Initial implementation of Kids University Montessori school system in Rawalpindi stands successful in giving a homely feeling and making your child comfortable, confident and daring. Kids University is an emerging Montessori system in Rawalpindi/Islamabad where the practice of self defence and self control are also inculcated in the kids. Get the bright future of your child guaranteed by inducting him/
her in the Kids University Montessori system of Paragon School and College. At Kids University we enable your child with a promising future.

What Kids University Montessori system of The Paragon School and College do?

What we do for our Kids?…………….CREED !

Creating sense of responsibility.
Refining character traits and personalities.
Escalating sense of respect and care for elders.
Educating art of living together.
Developing good citizenship qualities.