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Give Pakistan Initiative

The Paragon school and college launches GIVE PAKISTAN initiative.

The Joy of Giving initiative is a national movement, that aims at engaging Pakistanis in different “acts of giving” money, time, resources and skills.

A lot of events are taking place as celebrities, corporate sector, NGOs and individuals are extending their support to the initiative.

Key On-going Events are:

  • Help the flood victims initiative:  Sindhi brothers are in need of help so donate as much as u can. Pakistans’ “Kachay kaa alaaqa” is under constant threat of flooding.


  • 7 Day gift challenge:  Give one gift each day for 7 days to a deserving friend or a complete stranger. Put a little thought to each of the gifts that you make. See the world change and see the change in you.
  • Joy-enjoy initiative:   Different celebrities/ heads of NGOs will be invited to come and preside over cultural functions and interact with the students of the The Paragon school.


  • Battle of Buffet:   Leading 5 star hotels & top restaurants in the city have been recruited to donate to the daily “free lunger” for the poor. Teachers and Parents are also encouraged to contribute generously.


  • Each One, Teach One:   Through the integrated efforts of The Paragon Educational Society this particular initiative encourages students and parents to take responsibility of teaching at least one deserving child (not attending any formal schooling owing to financial and other conditions) through the year and feedback the progression to school for further support and advice.